Monday, August 15, 2011

GSM GPRS GPS Tracker Global smallest tracking device monitor Hot TK103

Professional vehicle tracking systems



GSM GPRS GPS Tracker Global smallest tracking device monitor Hot TK103

No Software use Fee, No Contract, No Activation Fee

Our GPS103 is a easy to use and install gps/sms/gprs vehicle trackers,it can be installed on Bus, taxi, truck, personal car, business car, all support 9~36V.

It working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by your cell phone, PDA or PC.

It can work in all over the world,the best feature of it different from other vehicle trackers are , Get street name from cell phone , configurable by pc remotely terminal ,get car door ,window ,etc status via SMS.


1 X GPS Tracker
1 X GPS Antenna 5 meters long
1 X GSM Antenna 3 meters long
1 X Harness
1 X User Manual
1 X CD (GPS Manage Software)


Detailed description,
It is based on GSM/GPRS850/900/1800/1900MHZwireless telecommunication internet and GPS satillite global position system,track by several ways.provide monitor software and global map.real-time track through the monitor software in your pc;track through your PDA cell phone and googleearth.

Features and functionsSmall cubage,dimension:54mm*62mm*26mm,weight:120g,easy to hide.
Support orientation without orientated server: it can find out Real-time longitude and latitude, time and speed. By using public map software and entering longitude and latitude manually, you can find out the real-time information of position.      
If the target you are inquiring enters into underground parking lot or other GPS blind area, the tracker will inform you the last orientation.
Remote Engine-stop and Resume.
tracking function by timing and frequency
Authorized number added and deleted function
Support hidden alarm and monitor function
Geo-fence: Set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a district. The unit will send the message to the authorized numbers when it breaches the district.
Power supply disconnection alarm.
Door alarm
ACC alarm
Movement alert: you can set up barriers when the vehicle is stopped. Once moved, it can give an alarm to the authorized number.
Over speed alarm: you can make the inspected target run according to fixed speed. It alarms when speed is exceeded.
Low batttery alarm function
Check the vehicle status

Optional functions:Quiver alarm
Applying directions:
 Vehicle fleet/logistics/Vehicle rental 

Technology parameter:GPS chip: SIRF3chip
GPS sensitivity:   -159dBm
GPS accuracy :5m
Time To First Fix   Cold status 45s,Warm status 35s,Hot status 1s

Harga : RM320
Pos Laju : RM10

Berminat ; hubungi 0139286380

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Model e7 - ALIKE* 3.8' Huge Screen, 2 Sim 2 Standby, Bluetooth PDA

Anda sedang menatap Model E7 macam Nokia E7... Ingat !!! Bukan Nokia E7, Hanya serupa wajah sahaja.

• Language: English, Chinese
• LCD Size: 3.8 inch,260 thousand colour; PX: 240×320px
• Ringtone: Ringtone format: mp3, midi
• Buletooth: Support 2.0V
• Music: play mp3 at background; support equalizer
• Video: 3GP,MP4,support to play in full screen, speed, pause and slow
• Camera:1.3 Mega pixel camera, the time is depended on storage
• Support video with sound
• Rom: support to extend, Document management
• Standby Photo: jpg, gif
• Network Frequency: 900/1800MHz
• Telephone directories: Up to 200 groups of contacts
• Messages &Multimedia messaging: SMS, support MMS
• Schedule power on/off: support user-defined start/close
Alarm clock: 3 groups; can set from Monday to Sunday at random
Games: 1 common game
• More information: MP3, MP4, Handsfree, SMS group sending,
Voice recorder, GPRS download, MMS, dual simcard dual standby,
time watch, calendar, memo,  and so on...

Basic features
• Operating Frequency: GSM
• Talk time: 120-150Minutes
• Standby time: 100-120Hours
Package included as below:
• 1 x Cell Phone
• 1 x Standard Battery
• 1 x Stereo Headset
• 1 x Battery Charger
• 1 x Data Cable

Harga : RM260
PosLaju RM10.

Berminat ?

Realtime GPS/GSM/GPRS Car Vehicle Tracker TK102

Untuk track kereta, haiwan peliharaan, kanak-kanak, org tua dsb.
Penggunaan amat mudah, hanya perlu GSM Card. Boleh track sama ada dgn SMS atau Internet

Basic Functions
Authorized user number and password
Authomatical coordinates sending via SMS or GPRS
Audio monitoring
SOS button
Movement alert
Geo-fence alert
Overspeed alert
Low battery alert
Power saving mode
Storage of offline GPRS data
Remote control via GPRS
Reset user setting or the whole system
Battery Life About 8 hours 

Item Parameter
Dimension 64(L)x46(W)x17(H) mm
Weight 50g
Network GSM/GPRS
Band 900/1800/1900Mhz or 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
SIM300(3-band) / SIM340(4-band)
GSM sensitivity Less than -102dBm
GPS chipset
Solution SirF III chipset
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS accuracy 5m
Cold/ Hot TTFF 35/2s
Car charger 12¡ยช24V input, 5V ouput
Wall charger 110£­220V input, 5V output
Battery Power 3.7V DC Li-Ion Battery,850mA

Harga : RM240
Pos Laju : RM13

Berminat ? email ke

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pakej Haji 1432H

Assalamualaikum wrt.

Ramai warga Malaysia ingin mengerjakan Umrah dan Haji
tetapi, ditipu oleh agen/syarikat yang tidak bertanggungjawab
Wang lesap begitu sahaja, umrah/haji tak dapat,
Malu pula kepada jiran/rakan

Jadi, tunaikan haji/umrah dengan agen yang berkelibar dan
berdaftar dengan Tabung Haji.
Anda boleh menunaikan umrah/haji dengan jiwa yang tenang

Sesiapa yg ingin mengerjakan haji pada tahun ini
1432H dgn pakej. 

Untuk jemaah seluruh Malaysia.

Badal Haji dan pakej Umrah juga ditawarkan kepada sesiapa yang berminat.

Yang biasanya pergi dengan agen ini adalah warga Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang, Kedah,
Selangor, Negeri Sembilan,  Sarawak.

Harga pakej ; RM18,300 seorg

Berminat ?
Sila sms nama dan negeri anda ke 0139286380
 agen syarikat haji/umrah akan menghubungi anda
secepat mungkin.

Terpulanglah kpd anda utk berurusan dengannya.
Tahun lepas, semua bakal haji yg mendaftar dgn agen tersebut
telah berjaya menunaikan haji.

Tiada yg ditolak atau tidak diluluskan oleh Tabung Haji.

Anda bila lagi...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quran iphone4 (4G+)

Complete Holy Qur’an Audio of 5 Reciters (Othmanic Font) in 25 languages:
Shekh Assudis&Ashurim, Shekh Mashari Alafasi,shekh Saad Alghamidi,Shekh Abdu Albasit
*Tafaseer Library:
Tafseer Aljlalain(Arabic&English), Tafseer Ibnu-Katheer(Arbic),Tafseer Altabri(Arabic),Tafseer Alqartabi(Arabic)
*Hadith library:
Sahih Bukhari(Arabic/English/Chinese), Muslim(Arabic/English/Chinese), Sunan Abu Dawud(Arabic/English), Sunan Alnissa’i(Arabic), Sunan Altarmathi(Arabic), Sunan Ibn Majah(Arabic), Malik’s Muatta(Arabic/English), Riyadh-us-saliheen (Arabc/English/Chinese), Nawawi’s Hadith(Arabic/English), Nawawi’s 40(Arabic/English), 40 Hadith Qudsi(Arabic), Masnad Imam Ahmad(Arabic).
*Doaa khatim AL-Quran
*AL-Asthma-ul-hus Sales point:Quad band,dual SIM Cards,two standby,dual mega plxel
camera,FM/MP3/MP4,Bluetooth,accelerate sensor
Bands:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Plat form:MTK 6225 chipset
Oisplay:2.6 inch QVGA Flip with hand writing,shanking function
Camera:dual 1.3 mega pixel

Supports MP3 and MP4 file format,FM
Supports bluetooth
Support T-flash Card,USB
Standby time 24days,Call time 4hrs
Support multi-langguage
Colors:Black,Red,Pink and White
Support gravity sensor,Supports JAVA,MSN,OFFICE and many Games can be installed
Accessories:Battery*2,Earphone*1,Data Cable*1,Charger*1Digital Quran Features

Harga : RM330
Pos : Free (PosLaju)

Berminat ?

T8000 tv wifi mobile phone

Ada Wifi dan TV !!!

Ada Wifi dan TV !!!

The First Wallet Style Mobile Phone T8000
Quad-band network supported
Dual SIM card dual standby
Support analog TV and FM radio
Support WIFI802.11b/g wireless connection
Multi-language supported and with Qwenty keypad
1)General network: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz
2)Size: 98*55*12mm
3)Weight: 209g (with a battery and keyboard)
4)SIM: dual sim card dual standby
5)Screen: 2.8 inch 260K color HVGA touch screen, 240*320px
6)Multimedia: 3GP,MP3,MP4,AVI,FM radio, analog TV(SECAM) and recorder
7)Camera: 1.3MP CMOS camera, 1600*1200px, dual camera
8)Support SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth etc.
9)Feature: the first wallet style mobile phone
10)Support WiFi802.11b/g wireless connection
11)Memory: built in 71.8MB, support TF card up to 16GB maximally
12)Games: built in 2 common games,support java games
13)Color: black, white, pink
14)Standby Time: 100-120 hours
15)Talking Time: 180-240 minutes
16)Languages: English, Deutsch, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indonesian, Melayu

Harga ; RM450
Pos ; PosLaju (Free)

Al-Quran Phone M2120 4G

Dual SIM Dual Standby at the same time ,Quad Bands(GSM850/900/1800/1900.BT,FM,2.0 mp camera.
5 Quran voices, 80 islamic books ,Qibla direction, Duaa
Quran with True Othmani Text:
80 Prominent Islamic Books
Search any word in Quran and Islamic Books
Prayer times and Qibla Direction in whole world
Duaa/Supplications Text with Voice
Islamic Videos (Allah Names, Hajj etc)
Islamic Audios (Ruqya Al-Sharia etc)
Multimedia Functions
Complete Quran with 5 to 10 complete Voice options
True Othmani text synchronized with voice.
25 famous Quran Translations coordinated with Quran Arabic Text.
Search Any Surah & verse
Book Mark any Surah & verse
Coloring of Quran text as per users choice
Repeat a range of verses of any Surah.
Packing Details:
1 unit Al-Quran Phone M2120 4G (Size : 16*22.5*4.5cm; 0.50kg)
Accessaries: Ear phone, User manual, Compass, USB cable, Charger.
Technical Specifications:
Dual SIM Dual Card at the same time
Display: 3.2 Bright TFT LCD touch screen
Bands: 4 Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Support: Bluetooth
Support: FM Radio function
Support: SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP
Camera: 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera ,Dual Camera
Support:Java , MP3, MP4 Player
Ring tone: 64 chord, Ring tone format: MP3, MP4, MIDI
Talking time: 300mins; Standby time: 300h
Battery: 1050amh
Memory Capacity: 2GB flash max:8GB
Data Transfer: USB/Bluetooth
200 entries, group message sent, Phone book, , 500 entries
Tools: Calendar, Alarm, Memo, Unit Converter, World Time, Rate Converter,
Calculator etc.
Language: English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Vietnamese, Thai,
Indonesian, Malay, German, Portugese
Brief Descriptions:
Quran with True Othmani Text:
80 Prominent Islamic Books
Search any word in Quran and Islamic Books
Prayer times and Qibla Direction in whole world
Duaa/Supplications Text with Voice
Islamic Videos (Allah Names, Hajj etc)
Islamic Audios (Ruqya Al-Sharia etc)
Multimedia Functions Quran Features:
Complete Quran with 5 to 10 complete Voice options
True Othmani text synchronized with voice.
25 famous Quran Translations coordinated with Quran Arabic Text.
Search Any Surah & verse
Book Mark any Surah & verse
Coloring of Quran text as per user's choice
Repeat a range of verses of any Surah.
Search Features:
Fast Searching of any word in the Holy Quran
Fast Searching of any word in 50 Hadith Books
Fast Searching of any word in 15 Tafseer Books
Fast Searching of any word in 15 Misc. Books
User Friendly Arabic & English Soft Keyboard
Quick Switching between any Book during Search process. Islamic Library:
50 Famous Hadith Books
15 Well-Know Tafseer Books
15 Miscellaneous Islamic Books
Prayer times and Qibla Direction in whole world:
Check Prayer Times in more than 3000 world-wide cities
Check Qibla Direction in more than 3000 world-wide cities
Prayer Times as per all famous Islamic Methods
Prayer Times as per Shafi, Maleki, Hanbali & Hanfi Fiqh.
Set various Adhan Voices as Alarm
Display Hijri & Gregorian calendars
Duaa Khatmul Quran:
Duaa Khatmul Quran By Shaikh Al-Sudais
Duaa Khatmul Quran By Shaikh Shuraim
Duaa Khatmul Quran By Shaikh Al-Afasi
Duaa Khatmul Quran By Shaikh Ar-Rafai
All Duaa have Text Synchronized with voice
Islamic Videos:
Asma Ul Husna
Hajj Guide
Islamic Audios:
Ruqya Al-Sharia
Nasheeds Multimedia Functions:
Vidoe Recording & Vidoe Playback
Audio Recording and & Audio Playback
Picture Capturing & Picture Viewing
Games and E-book
Islamic Library Details:
50 Famous Hadith Books:
Riad Assaleheen (Arabic)
Riad Assaleheen (English)
Nawasy's Forty Hadith (Arabic)
Nawasy's Forty Hadith (English)
Ashshmael Almohamadeya
Forty Hadith Qudsy (English)
Saheeh Albukhary (Arabic)
Saheeh Muslem (English)
Fath Albary
Saheeh Muslem (Arabic)
Saheeh Muslem (English)
Sunan Aby Dawood (Arabic)
Sunan Aby Dawood (English)
Sunan Annasaay (Arabic)
Sunan Attermethy (Arabic)
Sunan Ibn Maja (Arabic)
Musnad Al-iman Ahmed (Arabic)
Mowttaa Al-imam Malek (Arabic)
Mowttaa Al-imam Malek (English)
Amustadrak alaa Assaheeheen
Aljama Bayna Assaheeheen
Aladab Almufrad
Meshkat AlMasabeeh (Arabic)
AlMujam Alkabeer
AlMujam Assagheer
AlMujam Alawsat
Kanz Alommal
Musannaf Abdu-rrazeq
Sunan Addaraqutny
Sunan Addaremy
Sunan Saeed Ibn Mansoor
Musnad Ibn Aljad
Musnad Al-iman Ashshafeay (Arabic)
Musnad Albazzar
Musnad Alhomaydy
Musnad Ashshameen
Musnad Ashshehab
Musnad Attarsusy
Musnad Attayalesy
Musnad Aby Bakr
Musnad Aby Hanefa
Musnad Aby Owana
Musnad Aby Yala
Musnad Ishaq Ibn Rahawayh
Musnad Abdu-llah Ibn Almobarak
Musnad Abdul Rahman Bin Ayof
Fadael Alsahabah
Almoharrar Fe Alhadeeth
Bahjat Alquloob
AlAhaad wa Almathanya
15 Well-Know Tafseer Books: 15 Miscellaneous Islamic Books:
Attafseer Almuyassar
Tafseer Aljalalayn (Arabic)
Tafseer Aljalalayn (English)
Tafseer Ibn Katheer (Arabic)
Tafeer Attabary (Arabic)
Tafeer Alqurtuby (Arabic)
Tafseer Fath Alqadeer
Almoharrar Alwajeez
Tafseer Albaydawy
Tafseer Aby Assood
Tafseer Annasafy
Tafseer Almawardy
Alkashf wa Albayan
Tafseer Alkhazin
Tafseer Saadi Qasas Alanbeya
Khulasat Sear Sayed Albashar
Alkhasaes Alkubra
Assera Annabaweya wa Akhbar Alkhulafa
Maqalyd AL- Tanzil
Musnad Alrabiaa
Muqtasar Basyawi
Fatawa in Tadkheen
Samar Usrah Muslimah
Qudwah in Tarbiah
Hadeeth Alroh

Harga ; RM399
Pos ; PosLaju (Free)

Berminat  ???

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